This week on In Too Steep, I took a break with Girl Code's Shalyah Evans to discuss her love of Disney, the first time she was recognized by a fan, and her upcoming webseries "I'm Not Crazy," all while coloring in a delightful rotary phone-wielding horse from Eliza Kingsbury.

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Welcome to Season 2 of the In Too Steep tea and coloring podcast! Take a break and join us for tea-time with Michael Hartney (UCB, LOGO), and color a deliciously magical illustration from Avery Monsen. We also wear wigs. Life is wonderful.

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If you've crossed paths with pantsless subway riders in the dead of winter or watched a full-blown business meeting take place in a Staples chair showroom, you have probably experienced the brilliance of Improv Everywhere, the NY-based prank collective whose mission is to create scenes of chaos and joy in public places. This week, Sam and I took a break with Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere and author of Causing a Scene, all while coloring in a wise aging observation from Jim Benton, author of NY Times Bestseller, Dear Dumb Diary.

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This week, I sat down with UCB powerhouse Shannon O'Neill (The Stepfathers, ASSSCAT, Ladies Night: Men Welcome, Strangers Wanted with Shannon O'Neill) and the ladies of SVCK MY D!CK II, her all-female Advanced Study Performance class at UCB, all while coloring in a toot-filled drawing from graphic designer and UCB improviser Diana Kolsky! (Who just got engaged on The Chris Gethard Show last week! Watch it here! I dare you not to cry!)

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Suck My Dick II is Rebekah Bentley, Glenn Boozan, Aileen Clark, Lily Du, Mariola Figueroa, Carly Ann Filbin, Katey Healy-Wurzburg, Morgan Hill, Rebecca Jones, Ashley Kuske, Morgan Miller, Emma Noble, Ali Reed, Megan Venzin, Sarah Wharton (and me!)

Being part of this class has legit changed my life. I love these ladies <3

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Hello, friends! March 12th is Katie Fisher Day, a beautiful holiday created by Matt Fisher in honor of his amazing sister Katie. Katie was a brilliant engineer and dancer, as well as a loving sister, daughter and friend. She never missed an opportunity to make those around her feel loved, including her brother, who she baked cookies for every single week he was away at college. When she was 24, Katie was killed in a car accident. March 12th was Katie's birthday and in her memory, the Fishers have created Katie Fisher Day, a day where people make cookies and send them to someone they love. It's easy:

  1. Pick someone you love
  2. Bake them cookies
  3. Send those cookies
  4. That's it!

Get involved and spread the love! Learn more about Katie Fisher Day at This week, we sat down with Matt to talk about Katie Fisher Day while coloring in The Secret of the Sharpener by Ben Douglass ( Click here to color along!


ALSO, if you're in New York on March 13th, join us for a tea, coloring and cookie party at UCB East (3rd & A) from 6-7:30 pm in honor of Katie Fisher Day! All are welcome! Learn more at:

Bake. Send. Love. KFD '13

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This week, Sam and I traveled to TriBeCa for a tea and coloring party with the hilarious (AND COMPETITIVE!!!) ladies of Laura Rosenthal Casting. We discussed their brilliant Audition LAB, a course aimed at demystifying the auditioning process and empowering actors to take control of their careers, all while coloring in Rad Gramps from's own Matt Czapiewski (aka Matt Czap!). As we left, Sam and I looked at each other and were like, "We want to hang out with them ALL. THE. TIME." You'll understand why.

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Also, join us on March 13th from 6-7:30 for a tea, coloring, and cookie party at UCB East (3rd & A) in honor of Katie Fisher Day! Learn more at


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What's better than wearing neon feathered boas and eating deeply discounted Valentine's Day candy? Wearing neon feathered boas and eating deeply discounted Valentine's Day candy while coloring with UCB performer and SNL writer, Josh Patten, of course! We colored in a comic from Sarah Johnson's brilliant series, Ordinary Batman Adventures.

Warning: at one point, I do a HEY-O at my own joke and I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR THAT! Well, someday I will. Someday.

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Field Trip!

What's better than spending a Friday afternoon with funny friends? Recording an impromptu episode while sitting on the patio at the Society of Illustrators, of course! Join me and talented illustrators Eliza Kingsbury, Matt Czap, and Emily Bogue for a balmy afternoon chat on the roof of one of the most magical places I've ever been to. It was also Eliza's birthday! Hooray!


You can learn more about the Society of Illustrators at

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In Jurassic Park, were those velociraptors vicious? Or just lacking some tea time caffeine? According to NY-based stand-up comedian, actor, writer and improviser, Sasheer Zamata, it's most certainly the latter. We discuss Sasheer's circus skills, the productive power of rejection, and Tokyo Disney, all while coloring in Tea Rex from UK-based illustrator and designer, Sarah-Anne Fielding of

Also...WE WORE BOAS! Life is great :)


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Love my guest? Learn more about Sasheer on her website,, and check out her upcoming shows at UCB!

Love that Tea Rex? Check out more of Sarah-Anne's amazing work at! She's available for projects and commissions, and her greeting cards are just THE BEST!

Love those tunes? Download "Fast Friends" by Rocketship Park on the Free Music Archive.

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This week, we switched it up a bit to give you a super fun two-part episode featuring Josh PooleDevelopment Manager and Producer at Above Average, as well as a look into his favorite post-work hangout spot, Palmer's, located in Ft. Greene. Check out the hilarious Q&A with Josh below, and tune in to my interview with Jared Lewis, co-owner of Palmer's, about what makes his awesome new restaurant tick. (Side note: they have hand-crafted tea sodas! Oh, my heart!)

Two-part episode meant TWO opportunities to color in this delightful comic from Eat More Bikes illustrator, Nathan Bulmer. Check out his new book here!

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Jared Lewis


You're currently the Development Manager and Producer at Above Average. That is the coolest. How did you get there?

Josh Poole: In all honesty, it’s disorienting every time someone says something like that. I’m very, very lucky. The short answer to how I got here goes something like this: I went to Vassar and studied nothing related to any field I planned to enter. I worked in publishing in NYC and then got “laid-off” -- a version of getting fired, in which they agree not to use they words “you’re fired” and then immediately hire your intern. I went back to grad school for TV/Film production, and an internship at Comedy Central led me to jobs at MTV in comedy development and production. While at MTV I made a lot of sketch videos for a YouTube partner channel I started with a grad school friend, and now I’ve been at AA as a producer and working in development for almost half a year.

The longer answer involves nearly dying in a tropical storm in the Caribbean while covered in malt soda and chocolate…But we can leave it there for now.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

JP: For the majority of my childhood, I wanted to start a roller coaster park with my best friend Nik. Then at 14, we got sensible and decided we wanted to open a nacho restaurant. I kind of love how simple careers were in our kid brains: roller coasters and nachos are effing sweet, so obviously those will be our careers. Now we both work in TV/film, so maybe there’s some lesson in following your dreams or creativity that someone smarter than me can interpret. Also, we’re both 100% positive we’re still going to open that nacho restaurant.

Who are your role models?

JP: I’m going to get super sappy on you and say my parents. My father is an opera singer and former professor of music, and my mother is a criminal justice expert and former director at the Department of Justice. They taught me how to relate to people through humor, how much hard work goes into giving the appearance of natural talent, and that there are no rules against putting a hot tub in the middle of the living room if that’s what you want to do. They also taught me that nothing is more important than family dinnertime…unless Seinfeld is on.

There is so much video content online. What sets Above Average apart from everything out there?

So many people and companies are doing amazing things right now. I think this last year was one of the first years that the industry started taking digital seriously and investing in it. So it’s exciting to be a part of it. But I think a couple things set us apart. We’re trying to walk the line between producing broadcast quality content and content that is specifically intended for an online audience. So we have near broadcast level standards & practices, which is unusual. We have a fairly consistent and curated voice to our content, which is mostly character-based, non-serialized sketch comedy, largely grouped into 6-episode series. We do tend to have some familiar faces in our videos as well. Also, we love up-and-coming NYC comedy talent. There are two of us who are constantly out at shows and meeting with people who make us giggle. It will be fun to watch our content five years from now and see where everyone is…Probably in LA [sigh].

Is there anything coming up on the channel that you are specifically jazzed about?

JP: SUGAR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYY! Sugar Boy. We’re incredibly psyched about that series. Give it a watch.


Q: What's your favorite movie:

JP: “Magnolia” if I feel like a cry. “The Big Lebowski” if I feel like uncontrollable giggling for 80 straight minutes. “Paradise Lost” 1, 2 and 3 if I feel like getting outraged.

Q: What's your favorite book?

JP: Catch-22. Yossarian is my spirit animal.

Q: What would you do if a stranger threw an open-faced PB&J sandwich at you and then walked away without saying anything?


Q: You wake up in a kiddie pool full of jello. You look around and realize you are in the middle of a jello-wrestling match and someone is charging at you. Do you jump out or fight back?

JP: Again, I’d focus on eating any and all food stuffs around me. I have self-control problems, OK?? Also, how big is this kiddie pool, if someone is “charging at me”? I question the premise of the question… And by that I mean: I’m hungry, stop teasing me.

Q: Abe Lincoln or Justin Bieber?

JP: …In a fight to the death as vampires? Abe Lincoln. The Bieber has way too much exposed neck. He’s like a delicious, pre-pubescent vampire magnet.

Q: You're invited to meet with President Obama. You walk into the Oval Office and he is nowhere in sight. There is a hedgehog sitting at his desk. What do you do?

JP: Ask Joe Biden what he’s doing in Obama’s chair.

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